JR関内駅から横浜スタジアムRoute from JR Kannai StationYokohama Stadium


Yokohama Stadium is a 2-minute walk from JR Kannai Station. JR Kannai Station is the nearest to Yokohama Stadium among the three stations in its neighborhood.
The route from JR Kannai Station is mostly a pedestrian pathway except for some intersections, so it is a safe route especially when you are with children.

  1. JR関内駅 南口前

    JR関内駅 南口前View in Front of the South Exit of JR Kannai Station


    Get out of the ticket gate at the South Exit, turn left and walk ahead. You are now at the location shown in the photo.
    After leaving the station, you will find a walkway in front of you. Walk down the walkway in the right direction.

  2. JR線脇遊歩道

    JR線脇遊歩道Walkway alongside the JR Line


    Walk straight ahead as you see the elevated JR Line on your right.

  3. 関内駅南口交差点

    関内駅南口交差点Intersection near the South Exit of Kannai Station


    At the end of the walkway, there is a large intersection. You can see Yokohama Stadium across the intersection.

  4. 横浜スタジアム到着

    横浜スタジアム到着Arrival at Yokohama Stadium


    You can enter the premises of Yokohama Stadium directly from the intersection.

  5. STAR SIDE(旧3塁側 4,5,6番ゲート)

    STAR SIDE(旧3塁側 4,5,6番ゲート)Star Side (formerly called Third-base Side, Gates 4, 5 and 6)


    The video keeps showing the scene leading up to Third-base Side.

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